How to link your ETH wallet to your Reach Cloud account.

  1. Select the Ethereum icon, and enter your ETH wallet address.

  2. Select "Send Email" to begin the wallet linking process.

  1. Navigate to your email address and select the email sent from

In the context of Reach Cloud communication, you should never trust emails that are not coming from the domain, as these could be phishing attempts.

  1. From the verification page, make sure to sign into your Meta Mask (or other) ETH wallet provider.

  1. After you're finished, sign the request coming from

  1. Back in the REACH Explorer app, select the "Check" button on the wallet details page to see if the verification succeeded.

You have successfully linked your ETH wallet to your Reach Cloud account!

You can view REACH Explorer assets linked to blockchain assets you own from the Inventory menu.

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