🤳AR Experiences

Reach AR Setup Guide

Reach Cloud supports AR experiences using our Meta Prefab pipeline and our custom https://ar.reachcoud.org domain.


  1. Begin by following the documentation on uploading Prefabs using Reach’s Cloud Engine SDK. You must upload for WebGL since this is a Web Based application. Other platforms will be ignored.

  2. After successfully uploading a prefab, you’ll want to begin by constructing a link. Please follow the parameters section for details.

  3. Take the final URL and create a QR code out of it. You may use the QR code itself as the tracked image by uploading it as the Meta Prefab thumbnail (but don’t include the imageurl parameter)

  4. After following these steps you should have a working AR experience like the example below.

Example AR Demo

AR URL Parameters

Below is a table showing the parameters you can specify in the https://ar.reachcloud.org URL to configure the AR experience.

Name (exact spelling and capitalization required)RequiredTypeExampleDescription





The ID of the Meta Prefab that should load when the tracked image is found.



Image URL (Encoded)

Must be PNG or JPG


The (url encoded) URL to the image to use as a tracked image.

If this value is not specified, the Prefab’s thumbnail will be used as the tracked image.



Number: 0 or 1


If 1, then the loaded prefab will remain on-screen even when the tracked image is lost. Otherwise the prefab will only appear when the tracked image is visible to the camera.

Example URL:


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