How to connect your Cardano wallet to your REACH Explorer account.

  1. Enter your wallet address.

  1. Select the "Link" button to begin the linking process.

  2. Make sure to copy the "Amount to Send" value, as this will be the amount needed for Reach Cloud to verify the internal transaction.

Internal transactions may incur gas fees associated with the blockchain.

  1. From your wallet provider, send the amount of ADA specified to your address (to be safe, use the address specified above the "Amount to Send" field.

  1. After the transaction is "high", navigate back to REACH Explorer, and select "Check" to allow Reach Cloud to perform the internal wallet verification.

You have successfully linked your Cardano wallet to your Reach Cloud account.

If there are any REACH Explorer assets associated with your blockchain assets, they will appear in the Inventory menu.

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