📜Custom Scripting

Information about custom scripting support and limitations.

Custom C# Scripting is NOT supported.

Custom JavaScript IS supported, however.

Due to limitations of with AoT platforms, it is not possible for REACH Explorer to dynamically load .NET assemblies at runtime.

For more details on why this is not possible, see this article by Unity: https://docs.unity3d.com/Manual/ScriptingRestrictions.html

Does that mean I can't use ANY custom C#?

No, that's not what this means. REACH Explorer has support in it's core engine for specific assets. You can see a list of assets that REACH Explorer supports here:

You may use the (unmodified) scripts provided in these assets, and they will work within the REACH Explorer app.

Is there any other languages supported?

Yes! We have a JavaScript module that you can use to write custom scripts. See this section for more information.

What about Visual Scripting for custom behavior?

Yes! You can utilize Visual Scripting to make complex custom behaviors that you would otherwise do in C#. REACH Explorer supports the following visual scripting systems:


The following limitations apply not only to custom Javascript, but also PlayMaker and Unity Visual Scripting.

Be aware that for security reasons, there are limitations in place that may prevent you from doing certain operations with custom scripts. See the information below.

  • OpenURL

  • SendMessage

  • SendMessageUpwards

  • BroadcastMessage

  • Find

  • FindWithTag

  • FindAnyObjectByType

  • FindObjectsByType

  • FindObjectOfType

  • FindObjectsOfType

  • FindObjectsOfTypeAll

  • FindObjectsOfTypeIncludingAssets

  • FindSceneObjectsOfType

  • DontDestroyOnLoad

  • System.IO

  • System.Reflection

  • System.Web

  • System.Http

  • Resources

  • AssetBundle

JavaScript Supported Assemblies

Here's a full list of all the supported assemblies in the custom JavaScript module.

  • netstandard 2.1

  • MetaverseCloudEngine.Unity

  • MetaverseCloudEngine.Common

  • MetaverseCloudEngine.ApiClient

  • UnityEngine.CoreModule

  • UnityEngine.PhysicsModule

  • UnityEngine.TerrainModule

  • UnityEngine.AudioModule

  • UnityEngine.UIModule

  • UnityEngine.InputModule

  • Unity.InputSystem

  • Cinemachine

  • Unity.VisualScripting

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