Asset Meta Data

AssetMetadata Documentation

The AssetMetadata class is used by assets to store information about themselves such as name, description, and blockchain references, etc.



Public Properties

  • string Name: The name of the asset.

  • string Description: A description of the asset.

  • AssetListings Listings: The listings that the asset is available on.

  • bool Private: Whether the asset is private or not. Private assets are only visible to contributors.

  • BlockchainReferences BlockchainReferences: The blockchain references for the asset. This allows you to let users have access to the content of the asset if they own a referenced token on the blockchain.


The AssetMetadata class is a base class and is not meant to be used directly. Instead, you should use one of its derived classes, such as MetaPrefabMetadata or MetaSpaceMetadata.

Additional Notes

  • Asset metadata is stored in the cloud, not on the blockchain.

  • Asset metadata can be used to control the behavior of the asset, such as its visibility and its availability in the land plot builder.

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