Asset Documentation

The Asset class is a base class for all asset types within the Metaverse. An asset is a piece of content that can be owned by a user and can be used in the Metaverse.



Public Methods

  • void UpdateFromDto(AssetDto dto): Updates the asset from the given data transfer object (DTO).

Public Properties

  • Guid? ID (read only): The unique identifier of the asset.

  • string IDString (read only): The ID of the asset as a string.

  • string BlockchainSource: The blockchain source of the asset. This is the blockchain asset ID that this asset is associated with.

  • BlockchainType BlockchainSourceType: The blockchain type of the asset.

  • string BlockchainSourceTypeString (read only): The blockchain type of the asset as a string.

  • TMetaData MetaData: The asset's metadata. This is the data that is used to describe the asset.

  • Platform SupportedPlatforms: The platforms that this asset is supported on.


The Asset class is a base class and is not meant to be used directly. Instead, you should use one of its derived classes, such as MetaPrefab or MetaSpace.

Additional Notes

  • Assets can be uploaded to the Metaverse Cloud Engine using the AssetEditor in the Unity Editor.

  • Assets can be associated with a blockchain source, which allows them to be owned and controlled by users on the blockchain.

  • Assets can be built for different platforms, such as Windows, Android, and WebGL.

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