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MetaPrefab Documentation

The MetaPrefab class represents a prefab within the Metaverse. A prefab is a piece of content that can be spawned into the world. MetaPrefabs are similar to Unity prefabs, but they are stored on the server and can be loaded and spawned dynamically at runtime.



Public Methods

  • void Allocate(): Registers this MetaPrefab instance with the MetaPrefabLoadingAPI. This method is typically called automatically when the MetaPrefab is spawned.

  • bool CheckRenderPipeline(bool addMapperToChildren = false): Checks whether the MetaPrefab is compatible with the current render pipeline and applies any necessary material remapping.

Public Properties

  • MetaPrefabSpawner Spawner (read only): The spawner that spawned this prefab.

  • bool UsesScriptableRenderPipeline (read only): Whether or not this prefab is supported by the scriptable render pipeline.

Inspector Fields

  • MetaPrefabMetadata MetaData: The asset's metadata, which includes details such as the name, description, and blockchain references.

  • bool scriptableRenderPipelineSupported: Whether or not this prefab is supported by the scriptable render pipeline.


  • Execution Order: This class inherits from MetaverseBehaviour, which uses the default Unity execution order.


  1. To use MetaPrefab, start by adding the component to a GameObject in your scene. This GameObject should be a prefab.

  2. Configure the MetaData property to specify the details of your MetaPrefab.

  3. You can then use the MetaPrefabSpawner component to spawn your MetaPrefab at runtime.

Additional Notes:

  • MetaPrefabs can be uploaded to the Metaverse Cloud Engine using the MetaPrefabEditor in the Unity Editor.

  • MetaPrefabs can be nested, meaning that a MetaPrefab can contain other MetaPrefabs as children.

  • The MetaPrefabLoadingAPI is used to load MetaPrefabs into memory so that they can be spawned at runtime.

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