REACH Explorer

Uploading & Placing Objects

• Select “My Prefabs” under “Source”
• Select “Upload GLB File”
The Model file MUST be a .GLB file
• To upload prefab, select the three dots next to “Model File”
• Select the file you would like to upload
• Select “Open”
• Select “Upload”
• Select object you would like to import
• Left click to place the object in your MyVerse
After placing your object, you can adjust its placement and orientation in the world using the tools provided.
a. Toggles moving objects in the X, Y & Z axis
b. Toggle rotation of objects
c. Centres your view on the currently selected object
d. Opens object properties
e. Makes spawn location the current select object
Some objects can load in quite large. To rescale objects, select the “Scale” field and adjust to your preference
• To exit builder, select the “X” button at the top of the screen
You can now share your MyVerse creation with others by selecting the share icon at the top of the screen
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